The Fourth Portsmouth Peace Treaty Forum

Welcome Remarks

Professor John Perry: Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University

The Japanese-Russian Relationship in Historical Perspective: Japanese View

Professor Hiroshi Kimura: International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyoto, Japan

Putin's Possible Way of Negotiating with Japan: Scenarios Based Upon Pattern and Strategy of Gorbachev and Yeltsin

Professor Constantine Pleshakov: Department of International Relations, Mt. Holyoke College, former Director of the Pacific Study Center at the Russian Institute of U. S. and Canadian Studies

The Roots of Present Conflict: Russo- Japanese War, 1904, 1905

Mr. Dmitri Trenin: Deputy Director, Carnegie Moscow Center, Moscow

Publics, Politicians, Diplomats: Creating the Right Environment for Negotiations

Mr. Akira Muto: First Secretary, Embassy of Japan, Washington, D.C.

The Relationship Between Bilateral Negotiation and International Environment in the Context of the Territorial Negotiations Between Japan and Russia

Professor Eileen Babbitt: Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University

The Contribution of Non-Official Parties to the Success of Official Negotiations

Audience Questions



The Fourth Portsmouth Peace Treaty Forum is the fourth formal meeting between Japanese and Russian scholars and diplomats in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, since the negotiation of the Portsmouth Peace Treaty in 1905. The Treaty is considered one of the most powerful symbols of peace in the Northern Pacific region and the most significant, shared peace history for Japan, Russia and the United States.

This Forum continues the series of forums sponsored by the Japan-America Society of New Hampshire that will explore, through Japanese, Russian and American perspectives, the history of the Portsmouth Peace Treaty and its relevance to current issues involving the Northern Pacific region, and will provide modern scholarship on international problems in the "spirit of the Portsmouth Peace Treaty."

The Portsmouth Peace Treaty provides an example to the world of the enlightened foreign policy for peace by Japan, Russia and the United States. The Treaty also exemplifies the ability of local citizens to informally mediate international disputes. As hosts for thirty days in August of 1905, the State of New Hampshire, the people of Portsmouth and the United States Navy fostered goodwill between the Russian and Japanese delegates during the critical peace negotiations that ended the Russo/Japanese War, then the largest war being fought in the world.

In 1905 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, an uncommon commitment to peace became a common virtue. The Portsmouth Peace Treaty Forums commemorate and continue that tradition.


Presented by the Japan-America Society of New Hampshire at the Portsmouth City Council Chambers Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Major Funding for this Conference Was Provided By THE JAPAN FOUNDATION CENTER FOR GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP

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The purpose of the conference is to foster a continuing dialogue between diplomats, scholars and business leaders on international issues in the spirit of the Portsmouth Peace Treaty. The Portsmouth Peace Treaty Forum invites participants to express their own views based on their own scholarship and in response to the transcripts of the views expressed in prior forums.

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