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The Russo-Japanese War

War, Part Four

Japanese caring for Russian
Japanese soldiers aid a wounded Russian. Harper's Weekly. View larger image.
Russians caring for Japanese
Russians bring dead Japanese to their comrades. View larger image.
Japanese funeral service for Russian officer
Japanese conduct a funeral service for Russian officer. Harper's Weekly.View larger image.

Caring for the Wounded

Despite the ferocious battles and the animosities such fighting might arouse between the two forces, reporters observed the relatively humane treatment afforded the Russian wounded and captured soldiers by the Japanese. Proper medical care was extended to all the wounded Russians. During the negotiations, one of the points made by the Japanese concerned the great expense incurred caring for the more than 100,000 Russian prisoners.


While the fierce fighting continued in Manchuria, both the Russians and Japanese attempted to rally support for their cause on the home front. Each side used newspaper articles and illustrations to promote their successes. Especially effective were hundreds of Japanese wood block prints that depicted war scenes and, in particular, various aspects of battles.

While these prints tend to glorify Japanese actions, some pay tribute to the courage of the Russians.

An exhibit of Japanese and Russian war prints is on display at the Portsmouth (N.H.) Athenaeum during the summer of 2005.

Despite the ferocious, often hand-to-hand battles, the Russians and Japanese respected the valour of their opponents. C. B. Doleac collection. View larger image.
Japanese nurses care for Russian wounded.View larger image.
Russian propaganda
Russian propaganda card falsely claiming victory over a Japanese ship off Port Arthur. View larger image.
Port Arthur
Japanese propaganda block print of Port Arthur action. View larger image.
Russian Card
Russian Cossack defeating Japanese soldier on another propaganda card. View larger image.
Japanese horses
Japanese block print of Japanese cavalry attacking. View larger image.

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