Purpose of the Portsmouth Peace Treaty Forums 
Charles Doleac, Founder and Chairman

The Treaty of Portsmouth of 1905 is considered one of the most powerful symbols of peace in the Northern Pacific region and the most significant, shared peace history for Japan, Russia and the United States. The Treaty also marks the ability of local citizens to engage in multi-track diplomacy by hosting direct formal and informal negotiations between the foreign delegations.

The Portsmouth Peace Treaty Forums explore, through Japanese, Russian and American perspectives, the history of the Treaty of Portsmouth and it relevance to current issues involving the Northern Pacific region, and provides a platform for examining US international diplomacy in the "spirit of the Portsmouth Peace Treaty."  The Portsmouth Peace Treaty Forums examine the enlightened 1905 foreign policy for peace by Japan, Russia and the United States that emphasized direct peace negotiations between the warring parties with neutral hosts.

The Portsmouth Peace Treaty Forums study the history of New Hampshire's state and local hosting of the treaty in the context of multi-track diplomacy theory. In 1905 Portsmouth, a small New Hampshire town with no international peace negotiation experience, rose to the occasion of hosting direct peace negotiations between Russia and Japan to end the largest war then being fought between two nations. For almost thirty days the U.S. Navy hosted the formal negotiations at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, while the Governor and the Executive Council of New Hampshire, the Mayor of Portsmouth, and the citizens of New Hampshire served as informal hosts to the Russian and Japanese delegates by offering their good offices, local hospitality and creating every opportunity to  foster goodwill and trust between them.

In 1905 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, an uncommon commitment to peace became a common virtue. The Portsmouth Peace Treaty Forums commemorate and continue that tradition.

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