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August 1904, Baron Suyematsu, Japan and the war
September-October 1904, Baron Suyematsu, How Russia brought on the war
April 1904, F. Maurice, Russia's charge against Japan
July 1904, J. Macdonell, International aspects of the war

The American Monthly Review of Reviews
March 1904, Japan and Russia
March 1904, Men who are doing things for Japan
April 1904, War and Russia's future
April 1904, War and the powers
April 1904, Who was responsible for the war?
April-May 1904, War in the Far East
June 1904, Russian autocracy and the war
June 1904, Scandinavia and the war in the far East
July 1904, Possible effects of a Japanese victory
July 1904, Relative expense of the war
July 1904, Russo-Japanese war and European opinion
August I904, Count Tolstoy and the war
September 1904, Russian weakness
November 1904, What will the war cost Japan?
November 1904, Seven months of war: a Russian view
October 1904, Is Scandinavia concerned in the war?
October 1904, Japan's probable terms of peace
October 1904, Bismarck's chief disciple on the war
December 1904, Japan's negative victories
March 1904, C. Johnston, Russian commanders in the Far East
May 1904, F. Waldo, Climatic features of the field of war
February 1904, J.S. Fassett, Korea as the prize of war
September 1904, M.C. Sullivan, How the Japanese communicate in battle

April 1904, E. Maxey, War in the Far East
November 1904, E. Maxey, Diplomatic history of the Russo-Japanese war
December 1904, E. Maxey, Crises in Japanese history

February 1904, Russia and Japan; naval outlook
March 1904, Opening of the war
July-December 1904, War in the Far East

Canadian Magazine
June 1904, A. Cooper, Japan and Russia

December 1904, A. Hurd, Naval aspects of the war in the Far East

The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine
September I904, American sentiment concerning Russia and Japan
May 1904, H. B. Hulbert, Korea: the bone of eastern contention
November 1904, O.K. Davis, Japanese devotion and courage
 Contemporary Review
May 1904, E.J. Dillon, How long will the war last?
March 1904, E.J. Dillon, Japan and Russia
April 1904, E.J. Dillon, Russian conditions at home and abroad
August 1904, Ivanovitch, Russo-Japanese war and the yellow peril
August 1904, R.A. Crouch, Australian view of the war

April 1904, J.B. Walker, If Europe should go to war

Current Literature
February 1904, Korea: the bone of eastern contention

The Fortnightly Review
March June 1904, A. Stead, War in the Far East
July 1904, A. Stead, War. Korea and Russia
August 1904, A. Stead, Japan's aspirations and internationalism
November 1904, A. Stead, Question of Korea
October 1904, A. Stead, War and international opinion
December 1904, A. Stead, Why Japan will win
March 1904, Calchas, War and the powers
November 1904, Calchas, Limits of Japanese capacity
August 1904, R de Marmande, French public opinion and the Russo-Japanese war

October 1904, A.M. Low, Condition of Russia and Japan

Gunton's Magazine
March 1904, War in the Far East
July 1904, Principal events
September 1904, Japanese victories at sea
May 1904, S. Sams, Interest of civilization in the Russo-Japanese war

Harper's Weekly
February 20 1904, What will the issue be?
February 20 1904, War in the Far East
August 27 1904, United States and the far eastern war
February 27 1904, A.H. Hart, International aspects of the war
July 2 1904, C. Johnston, Approaching doom of Port Arthur
August 13 1904, C. Johnston, Count Tolstoy and the war
September 24 1904, C. Johnston, From Liao-Yang to Mukden
April 16 1904, F. Madison, Russians in Manchuria
September 24 1904, F. Waldo, How weather conditions affect the war
July 16 1904, H. Clew, Japan and Russia
March 26 1904, M.E. Stone, Russian view of the war
May 28 1904, L Dunn, Fate of a spy in Korea
March 12 1904, S. Brooks, War from an English standpoint
February 27 1904, W.D. Howells, What shall we do with our sympathies?
April 23 1904, W. Dinwiddie, Situation in Japan
July 23 1904, W. Dinwiddie, Blocking the Russian retreat on the Yalu
October 8 1904, W. Dinwiddie, With the Japanese first army in Manchuria
 The Independent
March 31 1904, Leaders in the Far Eastern conflict
July 7 1904, Strategy of two wars
September 8 1904, Nineteenth decisive battle of the world
October 20 1904, Field notes
December 15 1904, C. Kawachi, Seven months with Kuroki's army in Manchuria
June 23 1904, H. Oukahtomsky, Russia will crush Japan
April 21 1904, J.F. DeForest, Lull before the storm
April 7 1904, J.H. De Forrest, War news from Japan
February 18 1904, P. Benjamin, Lessons of the Japanese torpedo attack
September 11904, S.P. Read, Che-foo incident

The Living Age
April 1904, Chinese in this war
July 30 1904, L. Tolstoy, Bethink yourselves!
April 9 1904, P. Kropotkin, War in the Far East

The Nation
December 22 1904, Brilliant naval campaign

North American Review
September 1904, Russian view of the war
July 1904, A.R. Colquhoun, China in transformation and the war
June 1904, H. Clews, War in the Far East

March 1904, H. Erickson, Coming war

Scientific American
February 13 1904, Fuel supply of the Japanese navy
February 20 1904, Man behind the gun
March 5 1904, Russia's Losses in the first week of the war
April 9 1904, Russia's last hope on the sea
April 23 1904, Russian reverse at Port Arthur
June 4 1904, Japanese naval disasters
July 30 1904, What the loss of the Port Arthur fleet would mean to Russia
August 20 1904, Japanese daring on land and caution on the sea
August 27 1904, Defeat of the Vladivostock squadron
October 29 1904, Effect of shell fire on the Russian cruiser Askold
December 24 1904,  Crisis of the Russo-Japanese war
February 27-March 5 1904, A.S. Hurd, Fleets in the far East

Scientific American Supplement
May 14 1904, Naval battle off Chemulpo
December 31 1904, Sortie of the Russian fleet from Port Arthur on August 10

Scribner’s Magazine
October 1904, T. F. Millard, Fighting in Manchuria

Woman's Home Companion
March 1904, H. Maxim, Coming war
 The World's Work
July 23 1904, Count Tolstoy and the war
August 27 1904, In the Far East
December 24 1904, K. Asakawa, Russo-Japanese conflict: its causes and issues (review)
April 16 1904, F. Brinkley, Cause of the war
June 18 1904, G. Kennan, Japan at war
August 13 1904, G. Kennan, War by prearrangement
September 17 1904, G. Kennan, Elliott islands and the seat of war
September 24 1904, G. Kennan, Japanese naval base
July 16 1904, G. Lynch, Japan's price for peace
March 26 1904, J.C. O'Laughlin, War and the powers
September 1904, Vivid pictures of great war scenes
April 1904, D.E. Sickles and others, Will Japan or Russia win?
April 1904, E.W. Dayton, What Russia fights for
April 1904, F.A. Vanderlip, Cost of war to Russia and Japan
April 1904, H. Norman, War-and after
November 1904, J. Hashiguchi, Japan's fitness for a long struggle
April 1904, J. Foord, Cause of the war
April 1904, K. Takahira, What Japan is fighting for

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